The Legion

What We Do


Fallen comrades, misplaced hatred, or even just simple misunderstandings, we'll serve revenge hot or cold.


Simply put, we're determined to dominate the world. Once we accomplish this, we'll set our sights on the universe.


If all else fails, we're content to just watch the world burn.

Who We Are

Lex Luthor

The founder of the LoD, Lex is a Machiavellian scientist with cunning intellect. In addition to his intelligence, Luthor allocates funds from his high-tech conglomerate LexCorp to assist him in his plans to destroy Superman.


A brilliant scientist and psychiatrist, Scarecrow is obsessed with using his fear toxin to create chaos amongst the populace. Batman has proven to be the only person capable of withstanding the toxin's effects.

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We've committed some of the most brilliant crimes throughout the past century. Haven't heard of any of them? That just means we know how to cover our tracks.

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